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Adolescents and Well Visits - Getting Ready for Summer

Hylton I Lightman, MD, DCH, FAAP It seems like only yesterday when you brought in your precious bundle of joys for their first well visits. Then you brought them regularly through their infant, toddler and school years for their well visits,…
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Everyone Has Anxiety - Mental Health Awareness

Everyone Has Anxiety – The Facts and Numbers on Mental Health Total Family Care Team Today we can’t seem to escape some level of anxiety or stress in our daily lives. May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  A topic that can be…
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Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate?

In no small measure, we can help our children and their progeny lead long, healthy, productive lives by making sure they are vaccinated. The 2015 pertussis (or whooping cough) outbreak in Brooklyn brings this issue into 20/20 focus.
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Yes, your well child still needs to come to the doctor.

We pediatricians know that parents keep a close eye on their sick children and bring them in to see us when something is out of the ordinary.  However, it can be harder to stick to the routine of scheduling WELL exams – also known as physical…
Teens holding wine glasses on purim
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To drink or to be drunk – That is no question

Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH (SA) FAAP  Adar is a time of simcha, of joy stemming from our connection with HaShem and with people. We should aspire to add more joy to our lives by deepening our connection with HaShem and with other people. …
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FACT: a sore throat does not equal STREP THROAT

Sore throat does NOT usually equal strep throat.  For real.  Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH (SA) FAAP Most parents have experienced this scenario: Your child wakes up in the morning complaining their throat is itchy and dry.  It’s a sore…