Words Can Kill

My attention was riveted last week (as was much of the American legal community) on an important case that set a precedent:  Could a person be convicted of involuntary manslaughter on the basis of words alone?  Yes, according to Judge Lawrence…


The news that the United States abandoned Israel during the United Nations’ vote this past Friday afternoon made me stop and look at the calendar.  It was practically Erev Chanukkah yet it seemed like Tisha B’Av was not so far away.  I…


We were warned it was going to happen. We witnessed it emerging in other countries. And now, unfortunately, it has reared its ugly head right here in New York City. It was announced last Friday that the first baby infected with the dreaded Zika…

Swimming Against the Current

Enjoying the recent July 4th weekend, my wife and I talked with our children about Operation Thunderbolt, or as it was subsequently renamed, Operation Yonatan. We shared with our kids the incredible pride and special joy of waking up forty…

Chicken pox outbreak in Brooklyn - A Pediatrician's call to action

As a pediatrician on the front lines of primary care, it still boggles my mind that parents in the 21st century will not inoculate their children against childhood diseases.

The Facts about Zika

The WHO’s announcement puts Zika into the same category of threat as the Ebola virus. Let’s inhale and exhale slowly while we provide you with the facts.