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Walking and Driving with Caution

Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH (SA) FAAP The tragic event on Erev Hanukkah which claimed the life of Dr. Richard Friedman A”H brings into 20/20 focus the importance of walking and driving safety.      Whether your schedule…

Hanukkah and Safety

The holiday of Hanukkah is imminent, commencing on the 25th day of Kislev which this year coincides with Sunday evening, December 6th. Also known as the “Festival of Lights,” Hanukkah is one of the better known Jewish holidays. Here are some safety points to keep in mind.
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Our World Has Changed and It's Time to Step to the Plate

OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED – AND WE HAD BETTER STEP TO THE PLATE Hylton I Lightman MD DCH(SA) FAAP Our world changed this past Shabbos.  Permanently.  And not for the better.  We heard the news of the massacre in the Tree of Life Synagogue…
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2018 Definitive Guide to the FLU VACCINE

Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH(SA), FAAP A dreaded time of the year has arrived. Total Family Care diagnosed its first documented case of influenza for the 2018-2018 flu season this past Sunday, October 7th, 2018. It’s early in the season…
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Have You Hugged Your Teen Lately

HUGGING YOUR TEENAGER Hylton I Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP Here’s a loaded question – When’s the last time you hugged your tween or teenager? It’s easy to hug babies.  To a newborn, a parent’s love may be as important as food. They…
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Back to School – The Pediatrician's Primer

Back to School – The Pediatrician's Primer Hylton I Lightman, MD, DCH (FAAP), DCH I love this time of the year.  Back-to-School.  It engenders warm, fuzzy feelings of optimism and hope as we embark on a new school year with the Jewish…