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Forgetting Children in Cars - Look Before You Lock

IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE  -- Speaking about the Unspeakable  Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH (SA) FAAP Last week’s tragedy in Lakewood was horrific. A nearly 2-year old beautiful girl was unintentionally left in the car and died from vehicular…
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Impact of Mother's Generation to Generation

Mother’s Day 2019 Leah R. Lightman  It’s not Dr. Lightman writing this week. Sorry. This is a Mother’s Day column. He speaks to women all day long, day in and day out, about their children and their being mothers.  The conversations…
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The Measles

Hylton I Lightman, MD DCH (SA) FAAP 704  That’s the number of measles cases reported in the United States as of April 29, 2019. Over half the cases reported are in children under the age of five. Unless you’ve been living under…

Sports, Bike Rides and Concussions

  Spring has sprung and Little League season is looming as is a return to outdoors sports and activities.  So there’s no time like the present to segue to a discussion about concussions and children. What does a parent need to…

Is Respect for Authority History?

Hylton I Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP I’m concerned about the disregard and disrespect for authority in today’s world. Authority is something that many people nowadays poo-poo and deem politically incorrect. Wrong.  Authority…
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Vaccinate or Not Vaccinate?

In no small measure, we can help our children and their progeny lead long, healthy, productive lives by making sure they are vaccinated. The 2015 pertussis (or whooping cough) outbreak in Brooklyn brings this issue into 20/20 focus.