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Once upon a time, people got married, had children, and raised them to be self-sufficient, fully functioning adults.  Then their children got married, had their own children and raised them to be self-sufficient, fully functioning adults. The older generation helped their young adult children learn to parent.  In time, new, young parents discovered their own […]

Eating dinner with your kids may be the most important thing you ever do for them. Promise.

The benefits to both children and parents of eating together as a family unit are manifold. Writing as a pediatrician, father and grandfather, here’s my ode to family dinners. Family meals are a win-win for our children. Studies show that there’s healthier eating at a family dinner, meaning foods with better nutritional content. The family […]


I would have never thought that after writing about Zika several months ago, concern about Zika would still be the rage. With Chanukkah and winter breaks looming, the telephone calls from patients requesting guidance are coming in daily, fast and furious. Here’s some information that may help you with planning trips to the Sunshine state. […]


I cannot let this week pass without discussing Kristallnacht or the “Night of the Broken Glass.” This column is for my children and grandchildren, so that they know and will never forget. Annihilating the Jewish people throughout the world outranked anything else on Adolph Hitler’s agenda. Soon after he was elected Germany’s Chancellor in 1933, […]



We were warned it was going to happen. We witnessed it emerging in other countries. And now, unfortunately, it has reared its ugly head right here in New York City. It was announced last Friday that the first baby infected with the dreaded Zika virus has been born in New York City. The accompanying concern […]