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It’s everywhere. Your doctor’s office. The work place. It’s staring you in the face. Here’s why your child (and you…yes parents) should have the flu shot. The flu is common and unpredictable. And it can cause serious illness and, G-d forbid, even death, in healthy children. The flu vaccine protects children from influenza viruses. Young […]

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Jumping Rope is Good for Kids and Great for the Heart

Children learn physical activities like rope-jumping to help improve their strength, gain confidence, build stamina and extend their physical abilities in other activities. Healthy Kids talks about the importance of exercise for children as well as a fundraiser Jump Rope for Heart that has been on going since 1983 in the United States. Dr. Lightman […]

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The Bris Milah:  Important for Health, Essential for Jewish Continuity

The Bris Milah:  Important for Health, Essential for Jewish Continuity Meet Dr. Hylton Lightman The very first Bris Milah – the “covenant of circumcision” – happened 4000 years ago.  Our forefather Avraham entered into a covenant with G-d whereby G-d promised there would always be Jews in this world.  They sealed the agreement when Avraham […]


Words Can Kill

My attention was riveted last week (as was much of the American legal community) on an important case that set a precedent:  Could a person be convicted of involuntary manslaughter on the basis of words alone?  Yes, according to Judge Lawrence Moniz of Bristol County (MA) Juvenile Court who ruled on Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter. […]

Yes, you should send your kids to camp!

I think every child should go to summer camp.  And most experts agree with me.  Child development professionals recognize the camp experience – whether it’s day camp or overnight camp – as valuable in helping children to mature socially, emotionally, intellectually, morally and physically.  Psychologist and educator Dr. Peter Scales of the Search Institute says, […]